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I am considering entering into a Retail Installment Contract in connection with the lease or purchase of an automobile from M&S Auto Sales (the “Dealership”). I understand that the Dealership advertises and warrants that no credit check is needed to lease or purchase a vehicle from the Dealership, but I have requested that the dealership run a credit inquiry on me for purposes of negotiating the down payment required to lease or purchase a vehicle from the Dealership.

I understand that the price of any automobile is as set forth in the Contract provided by the Dealership and I represent and understand that the dealership will not quote a different price for any vehicle based the results of my credit score. The Dealership cannot and will not quote a lower cash price for the automobile and that the cash price will not increase because I would be purchasing the automobile on credit.

I acknowledge that I have received and read this document before signing any Installment Contract or Lease Agreement.

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